"Masterfeeds is known for our expertise in animal nutrition. We’ve been focused on progressive Canadian livestock and poultry raising for over 90 years. We’ve seen much change over the years, but quality ingredients, research and development, and rigorous field testing are the foundation of all successful feeding programs."

Whitewood Livestock currently carries products from the following companies:

Masterfeeds                                                           Pro Earth Animal Health

https://www.masterfeeds.com/                               https://proearthanimalhealth.com/

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   Rite-Lix™ 32-18 Block Supplement is a 32% protein supplement block with 18% protein from NPN sources. Formulated to be fed free-choice to cattle consuming low quality forage or pasture.

   Rite-Lix™ 22-10 Block Supplement is a 22% protein free-choice supplement block formulated to be fed to adult cattle and older calves on medium quality forage or pasture

   Rite-Lix™ 16 AN Block Supplement is a 16% all natural protein supplement block for cows and calves of all ages, formulated to be fed with good quality forage or pasture.

   Rite-Lix™ Maxi-Block is a highly fortified free-choice supplement block with 14% all natural protein formulated to be fed to cattle during times of stress or increased mineral and vitamin demand.

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