Regular & Presort

Delivery Times

   Sunday              All Cattle           10am-5pm

  Monday        Presort Calves        8am-5pm

  Monday  Cows/Bulls/Yearlings  8am-8pm

Bred Cows must be in by 12 pm the Friday before the sale date for preg checking

All Tuesday Sales start at 9am

All Bred & Pair Sales start at 11am

Please call your consignments in by Fridays at noon.

​Premise ID#  SK 4T3BHHW

Sale Schedule

Presort & Regular Sales - Sales start at 9AM

Bred Cow & Heifer Sales - Sales start at 11 am

Receiving Sun (8-5) & Mon (8-8)

Regular Sale Dates

April 30th

May 14th

May 28th

Bred Cow Sale Dates

Friday, May 17th

Horse sale - May 11th